Benefit Concert



CEF's 2012 Benefit Concert will be held in the following location:

New York, New York

Saturday:  October 2012



List of performers coming soon!

StandUP-Educate the Youths

Caribbean Education Foundation's 2012 Benefit Concert

Proceeds will fund scholarships for poor and disadvantaged children in the Caribbean so they can attend school.


The theme of StandUP is "leadership, pride and compassion" and how they intertwine to educate our youths.  


Artists, especially musicians, have always been the voices of those without.


The Griot tradition in Africa is one of messengers, story-tellers and historians who often passed on their messages in song. These are messages of love, tales of warning or sometimes merely observations of society. The creators of music, throughout history, have lead movements with their work and helped transform our culture for the better.


REGGAE is Leadership Music

Reggae music is at the cultural center of Jamaica and has always been leadership music - music with something to say.   The fathers of Reggae, including Joe Higgs and Bob Marley risked everything to lead their people toward a brighter future.


StandUP will feature artists who exemplify the qualities of leadership, pride and compassion.  Some of the biggest names in the music industry from across genres and across the globe will lend their voices to the need for educational access in countries such as Jamaica.