Ensuring Success

Once a child is awarded our scholarship, she or he becomes a "CEF Scholar".

CEF has an investment in each child, and maintains frequent contact with children, their families, and teachers.

We never simply award scholarships and leave a child on her or his own. We want our scholars to progress and succeed in education and we strive to aid them however we can.

Toward this end, we provide scholars with mentors, and conduct regular progress tracking. Scholars must continue to meet required standards to retain the scholarship.


The CEF Mentoring Program is comprised entirely of volunteers who are professionals and university students. CEF Mentors communicate/meet with CEF Scholars once per month to discuss a range of issues. Volunteers can decide to have lunch, a meeting or a phone call.  It can be informal and relaxed.

CEF Mentors are primarily located in the scholars' country of residence to foster access and development of the mentor relationship.

Progress Tracking

CEF Scholars receive follow-ups from our organization throughout the year. We update donors and sponsors quarterly on the progress of our scholars in our CEF Scholars Newsletter.

We obtain monthly updates and follow up from schools, scholars, and parents.

Scholarship Retention

CEF Scholars must meet the following requirements to ensure s/he will maintain the scholarship each year:

  • • Daily attendance
  • • Good grades: at least "B" Average
  • • Good character

Scholars who fail to maintain the above requirements will not receive renewal of the scholarship.

Funds Distribution

CEF ensures that sponsors’ and donors' funds go directly to benefit each scholar to attend school. To that end, CEF maintains as much control as is feasible and realistic over fund distributions. Scholarship money is not given directly to the scholar or her or his parents or guardians.

CEF Scholarship Funds are distributed as follows:

  • • Tuition is paid by CEF directly to the school on behalf of the scholar.
  • • CEF purchases books and supplies and distributes to scholarship recipients.
  • • A designated school official is given funds for transportation and meals for each CEF scholar weekly. The school official distributes money to scholars daily to cover their transportation and meals.