impede access to quality education and make it more difficult for underprivileged children to achieve:

1. Families lack financial resources to support their children’s basic education needs

2. School-provided meals lack proper nutrition to support children’s learning

3. Schools lack computers for classroom instruction


CEF offers the following solutions to help break the cycle of under-education in the Jamaican community:

Bridging the financial gaps to education

Education costs and related expenses continue to rise, making the cost of even basic education a challenge for many families.

Many committed parents lack money for their children’s education: school tuition, bus fares for transportation to and from school and activities, uniforms, books, school supplies and meals. Families often must choose which days they will send their child to school, if at all.

CEF awards Scholarships to children and young adults in financial need so they are able to attend school.

Bridging the nutrition gaps to education

Underprivileged children do not receive the nutrition needed for concentration and learning. School-provided lunches are often lacking in required nutrition (Jamaica Education Task Force).

Families often cannot afford to provide breakfast, lunch, and break snacks for children.

CEF provides meal grants to children for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. Proper nutrition supports children’s wellbeing and fuels their ability to concentrate and absorb learning.

Bridging the computer literacy gap in education

The majority of children in under-served schools lack exposure and/or access to computers. Families struggling to meet basic needs are also unlikely to have computers in their homes. Computer illiteracy is a chronic problem.

CEF donates computers to schools with the goal that each school will have at least one computer dedicated to children's learning.

Our objective is to ensure that each school will obtain sufficient computers for a computer laboratory, where students will become computer literate and excel in this field. Children will gain knowledge of technology to enable them to compete successfully as future workers in the global economy.