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Caribbean Education Foundation Awards $1 Million JA in Paul Bogle Scholarships to 11 Needy Children to Attend High Schools in Jamaica

Nov 16, 2011 - BOSTON:  Caribbean Education Foundation, Inc. has awarded its 2011 Paul Bogle Scholarships to 12 children in financial need to attend Grade 7 and Grade 8.  The Scholarships total in excess of $1 Million Jamaican dollars. Read more...

Help CEF with our GlobalGiving Challenge for 2012!

CEF must raise $15,000 from unique donors to meet our GlobalGiving Project Goal to Help send 12 children to High School in Jamaica! DONATE NOW

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STAND UP-Educate the Youth: CEF's Benefit Concert 2012

All proceeds will provide scholarships to poor and disadvantaged school children in Jamaica. Read more...


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The costs to society of failing its children are enormous.

The CARIBBEAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION, INC. (CEF) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States, dedicated to helping poor children receive meaningful access to quality education in the Caribbean.

CEF awards scholarships to children who are unable to attend school, because families are unable to pay school fees and other required school related costs.  Our Student Scholarships pay school fees, purchase text books, school supplies, uniforms, meals and transportation.

The foundation operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and is governed by an independent Board of Directors.  It enables poor children with meaningful access to fundamental education in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Education Foundation is established on the principles in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, UN Declaration of Human Rights. CEF believes education is the cornerstone to choice and opportunity for all people.

CEF is committed to providing a solid education base for all children who are in financial need, particularly the underprivileged in urban and rural areas of Jamaica, the Caribbean and developing world.  We believe educated persons are the most powerful assets for transforming the intellectual capital, economy and civil life in Jamaica, the Caribbean and developing world.

The Caribbean Education Foundation is dedicated to the social and economic advancement of the Caribbean through a community-based and integrated approach to enlarge youths' access to quality education and literacy.

Please help CEF aid our youths

Educate.  Empower. Transform.
CEF needs your help to provide fundamental educational access and grant poor children the necessary opportunity and critical tools to change their own lives.