Plan a Fundraiser!

You or your organization will design and fund an event or activity, host it, and invite the guests. Your efforts will make a marked difference in the lives of those children served by CEF.

For more information about Third-party Fundraisers, please contact us:



1-800-677-0839 Ext. 100

Thank you for your interest in supporting CEF!

Fundraiser Events

The Caribbean Education Foundation deeply appreciates the commitment and investment of time and resources required to host a third-party fundraiser.

Whether you are an individual, a church, community club, business or school group... a third party fundraiser can provide fun and flexibility while raising needed funds for the Caribbean Education Foundation.

Your third party event or activity can be as large or small as you can manage. You can do something different. Be creative. Your imagination is the only limit.

Examples of third party fundraisers include but are not limited to:

• Awards Gala

• Benefit Dinner

• High Tea with Jazz

• Wine Tasting

• Fashion Show

• Music Performance

• Restaurant Opening

• Art Gallery Opening

• Play Tennis for Education

• Golf for Education

• Walk-a-Thon