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Claudia Higgs-Donovan

CLAUDIA M. HIGGS-DONOVAN is the President and CEO of HB Designs, Inc., a clothing design company based in Tampa, Florida and Kingston, Jamaica. She has over 25 years of experience in clothing design, marketing and business development.

Claudia is a Chemist by profession. She was a Cosmetic Chemist at Gillette Corp., where she designed and created various chemical products for the company. She was Clinical Chemist at Quest Diagnostics, Inc.; and performed DNA and protein synthesis at Tufts University Research Center.

As the Legal Manager in a boutique law firm, Claudia administered the daily operations of the company. She engaged in direct client interaction, employees oversight and business development on behalf of the firm. As a scientist, Claudia specialized in developing outstanding and successful immigration petitions for scientists, doctors, engineers, nurses, professors, educators, researchers and other business and health care professionals.

Claudia was awarded her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from The University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.


I Righteous

I RIGHTEOUS is a Singer/Songwriter and Musician based in Kingston, Jamaica. He is also the CEO of a clothing design company. For more information on I Righteous, please visit: